The Rebirth of Film is Fueled by Clean Power

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Starting this September, part of the Sim Vancouver vehicle and generator fleet will be fueled by R100 Hydro-Treated Renewable Diesel (HRD), provided by Petro-Canada, a Suncor business.  

It is estimated that the Vancouver film industry burns approximately 9 million litres of diesel fuel each year. Sim anticipates receiving over 9,000 litres of R100 over the next six months. By converting to renewable diesel, Sim will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by up to 80% based on typical Carbon Intensity values for conventional petroleum diesel.  

“For us, sustainability is about doing business better today so that we can continue doing what we love tomorrow. The industry demands innovation and that’s what Sim is all about,” says Eleanor O’Connor, President of Production Services at Sim. “Our transition to clean energy solutions like renewable diesel fits perfectly with our guiding business purpose of using our creative and technical talent to advance meaningful solutions for the entertainment industry.”  

HDR is an alternative fuel produced from renewable materials that can include non-consumable food waste, animal fats and vegetable oils. This renewable diesel is made from 100% renewable and sustainable raw material, reducing GHG emissions while improving the engine performance of your equipment. This premium quality low-carbon diesel is colorless, cleaner burning and offers improve engine performance.

Sim is widely recognized as an industry innovator, collaborating closely with supply chain partners and government regulators to introduce sustainable production incentives. Clean energy is a priority for production studios, and renewable diesel offers a practical alternative to petroleum-based fuel. O’Connor is optimistic about the future of the industry, “There are many examples of sustainable “behind the scenes” projects in the works, and we will be sharing more exciting announcements in the weeks to come.” 

Governments around the world are introducing financial incentive packages to remove barriers for a green economic recovery, and these kinds of policies are being applauded by the studios. Where incentives are lacking, which is still true for renewable diesel, Sim is clearing the way for others to follow by proving the viability of clean energy alternatives for the film industry.