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Tim Schultz

As on offline editor, Tim Schultz helps producers and directors take their acquired footage and turn it into the project they envisioned. His career started right after high school, first as a computer tech for his brother, Justin Schultz, an animator. He credits Justin with showing him the business of animatics. He began taking on his own projects, and through networking (and a few Avid certifications through Video Symphony), he got his first job prepping cuts for online. His first full screen credit was for the animated Spiderman series for Sony, a show he worked on by default when his brother and partner were too busy to do it. Over the years, his credits include Deal or No Deal, Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Kennedy Center Honors: George Lucas Tribute, Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, the Emmys, to name a few. He enjoys learning new software and skills, constantly engaging in computer and hardware applications to improve post workflow.