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Randy Magalski

Randy Magalski is the Cleaner, the Fixer, the Closer. As a Finishing Editor, Randy’s desk is a project’s last stop before air. His job is to quickly assess the project and the client and become who they need him to be. Sometimes that means he is the colorist; sometimes that means doing visual effects, and everything in between. Whatever it takes to get a show ready to air.

One of Randy’s first real credits came while he was still a student at Cal State Long Beach, when he was a spotter and graphics assistant for ABC on the 1984 Olympics. Randy admits that sitting next to the director and the technical director on a big live event was heady stuff. The lessons he learned working a big live show — staying calm under pressure, thinking on your feet, always trying to stay one step ahead of what’s happening at this exact moment — those lessons continue to serve him and his clients well even when the deadline is days or weeks away.

Some of the credits Randy is most proud of include Who Wants to Marry A Multi-Millionaire, Fox’s first big romantic reality show, where he was both an offline and online editor. The challenge was in the legal requirements that were foisted upon his team at the eleventh hour, which made them significantly short on footage. Randy had to fabricate almost six minutes of network air time with no actual material, in less than six hours. Another project was The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years, a theatrically-released documentary directed by Ron Howard. Randy’s team had to deliver an in-progress version of the movie for a London premiere with Ron, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, while also finalizing the final theatrical version. Their pursuit of perfection meant three straight weeks of 18- to 32-hour days! Randy’s been nominated for 5 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning twice, both for The Kennedy Center Honors on CBS.