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Paul Germann

Paul has worked as a sound editor and designer with many top filmmakers and producers over the past 25 years, helping bring their projects to life by crafting the most dynamic, creative and detailed soundtracks possible. An early birthday present – a portable tape recorder – sparked his love for sound and storytelling. He soon discovered that a vacuum cleaner could sound like a tornado and a kitchen tap could sound like a waterfall. Paul studied film and communications at McGill University in Montreal and film production at Ryerson University in Toronto. He got his start in the film and TV business in the early 1990s, earning credits on movies by many of the major figures in Canada’s independent film scene, including Atom Egoyan’s “Exotica,” Bruce MacDonald’s “Highway 61” and David Cronenberg’s “eXistenz.” He further developed his craft working on projects by renowned filmmakers such as Robert Altman “Pret A Porter,” John Woo “Blackjack,” Paul Thomas Anderson “Hard Eight,” Vincenzo Natali “Haunter,” Eli Roth “Hemlock Grove” and Deepa Mehta “Beeba Boys.” Over the years, his work has been recognized with numerous industry nominations and awards. Paul loves the wide range of challenges he’s tackled over the years, from IMAX documentaries to animated features, gritty period pieces to mind-bending science fiction, 3D horror films to 360-degree virtual reality experiences. Recent projects including “Sleeping Giant,” “Nirvanna The Band The Show,” and “Cardinal” have presented Paul with new challenges and deepened his love for the art and craft of sound design. Paul lives in Toronto with his wife Julia, and daughters Aila and Nico.