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Paul Chapman

Paul Chapman recently joined Sim to head up the Los Angeles Post Engineering and Technology group. He began his career at Rank Cintel as a field engineer. After various VP of Engineering posts at Unitel Video and Complete Post, he landed at FotoKem in 1996. As the Senior VP of Technology, he was responsible for many notable achievements, designing SAN and NAS storage systems, backup solutions, high-speed networking systems, asset management and file tracking systems for Media Encoding. He also had a significant role in the implementation of a dailies system at Pinewood Studios in London for a large film project. He has a strength in identifying innovative solutions and leading implementation of those solutions.

Paul is a Fellow of SMPTE he has chaired their annual Technical Conference, and is an incoming board member of SMPTE and HPA. He holds a BS with honors in Computers and Cybernetics from University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.