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Jesse Korosi

As Director of Workflow Services, Jesse currently oversees Bling’s global workflow team and provides technical level management of the dailies department. Over the past few years, Jesse and his team have overseen the dailies workflow on over 100 projects spanning the globe, collectively managing over eight petabytes of media. Aside from working on such notable jobs as “Mr. Robot,” “Narcos,” “Whiplash,” and “The Great Wall,” Jesse counts serving as the Workflow Producer on the feature film “Warcraft” as his biggest accomplishment. Jesse has a lifelong love of filmmaking and has worked in many different on-set and post-production roles over the last decade including: 24 frame playback editing/compositing both on and off set, on-set visual effects editing, data management, dailies, offline/online editing, and final color. Jesse uses this wealth of knowledge to provide his clients with customized workflows, that are tailored to successfully meet their unique requirements and the specific needs of their projects.