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Andy Lichtstein

Andy Lichtstein, Senior Colorist, provides final color grading and content mastering services for motion pictures. His work includes feature films and trailers, scripted and documentary episodic trailers, commercials and events for broadcasters, streaming services, studios, networks and independent producers. Before Andy joined Sim and Chainsaw, he began his television career as he was studying at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at PBS affiliate, WQED/Pittsburgh as a Production Assistant on Mister Rogers Neighborhood. After graduating with two BAs in Technical Theatre and Rhetoric and Communication, he worked as an Assistant Film Editor for National Geographic Specials. As a colorist, his job is to interpret the vision of the cinematographer, ultimately the director and filmmaker. He believes in collaboration and actively seeks the opportunity to consult with the many talented people here at Sim and Chainsaw. Andy lives by the mantra “What can I learn today?” and brings that enthusiasm to learn to work everyday.