Challenging shots require custom solutions. Specialized equipment services have helped us grow our reputation for servicing some of the industry’s most complex and unique productions. With a focus on providing outstanding service to each client and a commitment to customized solutions, we’re confident that we have what you need to capture the full scale of any production.

Sim Effigy Lens System

Bringing Large Format Photography Lenses to Digital Cinema

The Effigy lens system works to adapt lenses that are made for Large Format photography to work with Digital Cinema cameras. The system can use many different lenses ranging from modern lenses to very unique antique lenses made in the 1800’s and anything in between.

Aegis by Sim

Challenging shots require custom solutions. A Sim-made custom crash cam housing for your action sequences.

The buzz about us…

Sim has always been a big supporter of me and my aspirations to DP and to direct. I’m so grateful that even in such a busy film town, Sim has supported my projects and my potential. Without Sim’s generous support, I know that I wouldn’t have received the opportunities or attention that I’m now seeing.

Polly Pierce

Cinematographer/ Director