Sim’s SVP of Creative Editorial Mike Polito shares behind the scenes of this year’s DNC

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In a post production career spanning more than 35 years, Sim’s SVP of Creative Editorial Mike Polito has worked on a lot of meaningful projects. But nothing compares to his work last August bringing the Democratic Convention into the homes of more than 20 million Americans during a historic pandemic.

I had the opportunity to work on Concert for New York right after 9/11.  That will always be in my heart because of what the country was going through at the time,” Mike says. “I never thought I would work on something more meaningful, and then I received a call about working on the Democratic National Convention.” 

Without a doubt, this is the toughest project that I have ever been a part of. It wasn’t just about creative editing or long hours. This was about the technology and infrastructure it would take to handle such a project.” 

To facilitate the four-night broadcast, Sim’s main Los Angeles facility was converted into a national remote production center. Sim secured network access to remotely connect to countless locations across the US and set up 15 remote editorial stations and dedicated portals for media submissions, becoming a support to the broadcast center, the edit facility, and the ultimate show organizer for the DNC. 

“We pulled it off and I have never been more proud of a group of people,” says Mike of his Sim colleagues. 

I have never worked beside so many talented, hard working peopleThe clients from the Democratic National Convention were over the moon at how well it went and the feedback and press has been overwhelming.” 

Mike says adjusting post-production work protocols in the time of Covid has been difficult, but that his Sim colleagues have risen to the challenge. 

We have all embraced these new ways of making television.  As a group, we have had to overcome some real obstacles – from making our clients feel confident in our abilities to tackle this new technology, to overcoming the engineering issues, to maintaining the feeling of still collaborating in the “same” room together,” says Mike. “All while being done from home, to ensure everyone’s safety. 

As a company, we have had so many challenges and it has been tough on many in our little family at Sim.  However, some amazing opportunities have come out of these challenging times”.