Sim’s Director of Post Launches Podcast to Celebrate Technical Talent

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Have you ever watched a particularly interesting sequence of a film or TV show and thought “I wonder how they did that?” Jesse Korosi has.

Sim’s Toronto-based Director of Post says his curiosity lead him to establish Through the Frame, a podcast which not only details how below-the-line film and television industry technicians work their magic, but also aligns with Sim’s mandate to advance meaningful solutions for the entertainment industry.

“My primary agenda is to reveal how cool things are done and to give credit to the people that made it happen”, explains Jesse.

Jesse launched an introduction and the first episode of Through the Frame on April 30th, 2020 through his association with the Hollywood Professional Association. In the months since, he’s produced 10 interviews with the industry’s leading innovators and workflow architects.

“It’s all too common that you hear in an interview ‘And then we built a workflow to deal with that problem’”, says Jesse. “But…how? What did you do, what did you click, what software did you use?”

Jesse says he’s been pleasantly surprised by how willing interview subjects have been to reveal the ways they work.

“After living in LA for seven years, one of the biggest takeaways I had from working there, was how willing everyone was to help educate the community,” says Jesse, who relocated to Toronto in December 2019. “Postproduction facilities were not afraid to invite competitors in for open houses or share information about how a certain process was done in an open forum.”

“This podcast has been the perfect next chapter in my effort to continue offering information sharing for what I believe is the betterment of the industry”.

Jesse says the episode he’s most proud of is one featuring VFX Editor Myles Robey, who worked on the Academy-Award-winning film 1917.

“There were so many articles and interviews with the director and the DP on that film about how they made the movie look like it was one shot,” he explains. “But no one really talked about how that worked from a post perspective”.

The latest episode of Through the Frame deals with the Covid-era delivery of season two of Amazon’s The Boys, a show for which Sim supplies dailies and camera equipment.  You can check out all the episodes of Jesse’s podcast here: