Sim’s DE&I Committee Launches Screening Series

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At Sim, we value diversity and work hard to foster a culture of inclusion, understanding and growth. With the purpose of promoting education and exploring ways in which we can engage and partner with underserved communities, our Sim DE&I Committee recently hosted the first installment of our DE&I Screening series, featuring a screening of a short film that Sim supported followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers behind it.   

Our August event focused on Perfect Daughter, a short film that was one of two 2020 recipients of the BIPOC TV & FILM “Reel Work” award, which aims to empower BIPOC creatives by providing them with funding. Sim was a proud partner, providing the filmmakers with camera services to turn their creative vision into reality. The film centers on a young woman who grows suspicious of her new neighbor’s seemingly flawless daughter.   

“Pitching the film to BIPOC TV & Film was a dream come true,” explained Leo Award-nominated Writer/Director, Jasleen Kaur. “They supported us every step of the way, including the sponsorships, especially with Sim, which gave us the opportunity to have a really great look for the film.” 

“Reading the script, I felt such a connection between the dualism and the battle between the expectations and realities of these two very different families. Being a child of immigrants myself, I also experienced the same struggles which drew me in to being involved with the film,” said the film’s Producer, Tania Quiroz, a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker based in Vancouver. “What I particularly liked is that the film wasn’t just about the juxtaposition of the families , but it also had a fun sci-fi twist which made it a compelling story, in addition to centering around people of colour as well as having two female leads.”  

When asked about what advice they have for emerging female and BIPOC creatives, the two filmmakers shared the following sentiment, “the more uncomfortable you feel in taking the next step, it’s usually because you’re going in the right direction; you’re stepping out of what has been historically comfortable.”  

We look forward to hosting more screenings of Sim-supported films created by underrepresented filmmakers and learning about the challenges, and triumphs the filmmakers faced during production, and the inspiration behind their films.  

The Sim DE&I Initiative was created because we believe passionately that a diverse and inclusive company makes for a more innovative, engaged, and dynamic team. Continuing to reshape Sim’s culture will allow us to create from a wider palette of experience and insight, which will enable us to thrive beyond current boundaries. We’re actively working with industry stakeholders to increase diversity in film. Please get in touch if you have ideas about how we can collaborate.