Sim’s Commitment to Nurturing Emerging Filmmakers

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Sim is a strong supporter of initiatives that support the next generation of filmmakers. Whether it’s through speaking to students, providing equipment for student films, internships, or participating in and hosting educational workshops, we make sure that their experience with Sim is an integral part of their career development.  

Our partnership with Sheridan College is a prime example.  

Each year, we support the Screen Arts Awards for the Bachelor of Film & Television program with our Sim Award for Best Dramatic Production. We also award the top student in the Advanced Television & Film Diploma program with our Sim x Sheridan Kickstart Award, providing them with a 15K in-kind equipment credit towards their next project.  

This year, we were happy to be even more involved with the student films by providing colour correction in addition to camera gear.  Milo Saly and Sofya Lifanova worked closely with the students to achieve the perfect look for all six short films.  

Among the films was “dErick” directed by Kat Mallinson and produced by Roel Barry and Sarah Marques. The film centers around a manga artist’s love-life that is turned upside down when his childhood imaginary friend returns to teach him how to live life authentically. Having been working as a DaVinci and AVID Assistant, Sofya serviced the film as her first coloring job and helped the filmmakers create the overall atmosphere of the film.  

“Many details that the audience did not notice but I cared about were finally shown, and the color adjustment matched the atmosphere of our indoor night scenes,” said the film’s Cinematographer Chris Wu. “The whole process was effective and enjoyable, thanks to Sofya’s efforts.”  

Milo Saly also received high praise for his work. “Our experiences working with Milo, allowed us to craft a unique visual style for our film,” said cinematographer for “Inside”, Eamon Hillis. “The Sim team was highly skilled and took special consideration to make sure the final delivery was exactly as discussed. Their expertise and creative input brought our film to another level.”  

“Sim has been an essential collaborator. Their hard work allowed us to find a look that brought the film over the edge and pushed it to a level of beauty that we could only get from Sim. Even though we are new to the industry, they treated us with professionalism, always open to ideas and maintaining great communication,” expressed Erik Bajzert, Director and Paulina Carranza, Producer of “House Arrest.”

Sim has been a long-time supporter of Sheridan College, and we’re honored to be able to contribute to the education and careers of emerging filmmakers.