#SimPurpose: Urban Power Source Powers Up New Studio

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Production has roared back to life in Vancouver and Sim’s Head of Electrical Maintenance Rich Holden continues to use his more than 35 years of industry experience to come up with innovative and sustainable solutions for clients.

By mid July 2020, workers at Sim’s newest Golden Ears Studio were working tirelessly to build it out in time to accommodate a new series.

Although the studio wasn’t yet fitted for electricity, the show’s construction crew was eager to get started and Rich was dismayed to see them power up to a traditional diesel generator on day one.

“They needed some surge capacity to run their large machines obviously, but mainly they were using diesel to run some handheld power tools and other small things,” he said. “I just figured there had to be a better way.”

And there was.

After making a few calls, Rich pulled up on day two with Sim’s proprietary Urban Power Source – a mobile, zero-emissions battery-powered generator.

“The construction guys think it’s the coolest thing they’ve ever see,” Rich laughs. “It’s parked right in the middle of the floor and they’re all working around it.”

The UPS was such a big hit, Rich has set up a second one to temporarily power the main stage area.

Come September, the shooting crew at Golden Ears will be able to access traditional electrical power at the studio and the UPS units are likely to be out powering location shoots. But, now and always, Rich is proud to have provided a quiet, clean and sustainable solution for a production under pressure.

“I saw a problem and I saw a way to solve it,” he says. “I like to innovate and push things forward.”

“It’s what we do at Sim.”