#SimPurpose: Sim Brings Spring Sunshine


With COVID-19 keeping garden centers closed in 2020, Sim’s Toronto-based Wendy Moss devised a plan to bring some spring sunshine to clients and friends who were anxious about getting their gardens started.

Figuring it would be easier and more sustainable if just one person sourced, picked up and delivered plants and soil, she sprung into action.

“My friend Loretta VanHart has a certified, organic farm in the Holland Marsh, so I connected with everyone about what plants they might want, picked up a big order – including soil – and delivered to everyone,” said Wendy, Sim’s VP Business Development for Canadian production.

Her efforts were much appreciated.

“I made a difficult decision this season to limit contact with our outside vendors my family deemed non-essential.  That was acceptable until the sunshine and warm days arrived when it seemed just a little sad,” said producer Wanda Chaffey. “Wendy’s efforts gave me a welcomed mental health change of focus from doing the planning of how we are getting back to work safely”.

Added fellow recipient and Line Producer, Sherry King; “It was such unprecedented times and it’s about community and helping one another and feeling included.  I was unsure if there would even be a chance to get plants for summer and not only did she have a local farm in mind, she went out on our behalf to keep everyone safe and get our orders”.

Wendy, who is an avid gardener, said the plant delivery project was a perfect way to help people stay home and stay safe and to combine what would normally be multiple trips into just one.

“I was happy to be able to help others during this challenging time”, she said. “And the idea supported sustainability, in that there was just one person on the road, the products were organic, and it supported a local farmer.”

And like most good deeds – and gardens – Wendy’s project continued to grow.

I was very grateful for her kindness during that time”, said producer Lena Cordina, “From the batch that I got, I was able to share 18 plants with 3 different folks!”