#SimPurpose: Our Commitment to Gender Inclusion & Diversity

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Lucie Barbier-Dearnley says she knows she is a unicorn.

Lucie is one of the newest members of the Sim family and she’s aware of just one other woman working full time as a Senior Colorists on long-form projects in New York City.

And she admits it hasn’t always been an easy path.

“There are not a lot of women who choose technical jobs and it’s been lonely sometimes,” she says. “I’ve had clients ignore me and talk directly to the men in the room.”

Born and raised in Paris, France, Lucie grew up with a passion for painting. She studied marketing before moving to NYC to work at Company 3 as a dustbuster.

“When I wasn’t cleaning film scans, I was sitting with the colorists. Watching them work their magic reminded of painting,” she says. “So, I learned the craft, and it became very obvious that color grading was the only career path for me.”

Lucie worked her way up to junior colorist, working for Company 3 in London before moving back to NYC in 2018 and joining Sim in October 2019. She says she’s optimistic about Sim’s commitment to gender inclusion and diversity, as well as general efforts to improve on that front across the industry.

“Women are starting to be more and more included, but it’s going to take a bit of time for women to come up,” she says, adding that she tells women wishing to follow her footsteps to practice, learn and always be curious about trends and techniques in the industry.

“You have to be good and you have to know that you’re good. Otherwise you won’t make it.”

Lucie says she feels like she’s found a home at Sim and is proud of the work she’s done – including the Emmy-award nominated documentary Hilary – since joining the company.

“There’s such a great team here at Sim,” she says. “Everyone has made me feel so welcome, like part of the family.”