#SimPurpose: Community Cleanup Day


Two colleagues at Sim NYC proved last September that working together is the quickest way to make an impact when it comes to making your city, and your company, a little greener. 

Sim Post Engineer Craig Penner and Sim’s Partner and Post VP Kim Spikes were two of the first to join the newly-formed Green Team at Sim NY in 2019, but figuring out where the team should start took a little longer. 

Our first meeting inspired us to go outside of our company to find likeminded folks in the post community that wanted to help the environment,” says Kim. “As luck would have it, the Post New York Alliance’s board meeting was scheduled for the following week and I asked to form a Green Committee, which was approved on the spot by all members.  

But Kim says next steps were still a challenge. 

So, here we are, Craig and Iwith a Green platform and fully charged to save the world, realizing we don’t know what to do next. Luckily for us, Sim announced a companywide trash pickup at local parks.  

PerfectThat would be our first event to kick off our newly formed committee.  

Kim says Craig scouted out Prospect Park in Brooklyn for a shady meeting spot, easy access to bathrooms, a market to shop at afterwards and a place to drop collected trash. Invites went out to Sim NY employees and clients, as well as the broader post community through PNYA. 

“On the morning on the day of our first event, Craig lugged the Sim sign up to the park and set up our meeting spot. More than 20 adults and children attended, including a mix of current and past employees, clients and competitors”, says Kim 

Kim says roughly eight overflowing bags of trash were filled within a one mile radius of the meetup spot and bird watchers, joggers, readers, and park enthusiasts of all types smiled and nodded in gratitude as participants grabbed items around their feet. 

I’ll admit, it got a bit competitive,” she laughs. 

It was such an inspiring day for our team and those who joined us!