Clara George Continues Her Work to Green the Industry

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(Checking out the power drops at the Vancouver Art Gallery)*


During her more than two decades as a producer, Clara George, took every opportunity to incorporate environmentally sustainable practices into productions across Canada. Her dedication even led Creative BC to name her a Sustainable Production Champion two years running. But now, Sim’s new VP of Studios and Sustainable Production Services is thinking even bigger.

“For years, each production has been making its own choices about reducing waste and recycling and diversion and that’s been great,” says Clara. “But those people who want to push the boundaries and do even more need new policies and systems which will give them the tools to do more.”

And so, Clara has ambitious plans to change systems and policies across the industry and to make it easier for film and television productions to be even greener.

Clara already has some experience with that kind of systemic change. In a self-described effort to “infiltrate city hall” Clara sought out Vancouver Councillor Adrian Carr when they both became members of the Women 4 Climate Change Mentorship Program.

Their work together led the City of Vancouver to pass a July 2019 motion instructing city staff to work with the film industry to create clean grid infrastructure which would help lessen dependence on diesel generators.

That motion led not only to the design of a Power Kiosk, due by the end of the year, which will serve as a grid tied-in power source for film, but also the formation of the Clean Energy Committee which helps to map existing tie-in possibilities, accelerate BC Hydro permits and liaise with popular locations to encourage grid tie-in.

Another example of Clara taking a wider perspective on greening the industry includes her work making hybrid vehicles available to film and TV productions.

“I surveyed productions and producers on whether they wanted these vehicles and was able to show that they did,” she explains. “The ability to show demand, led to the introduction of hybrid vehicles into the short-term film market, which gave shows an opportunity to be sustainable that they didn’t have before.”

Today nearly 100 hybrid vehicles are available for productions to rent in the Vancouver market.

“I have definitely seen the value in focusing on larger issues that equip and compel people to make even better choices,” she says.

On October 28, Clara will moderate a panel discussion at the upcoming Sustainable Production Forum for which Sim is a title sponsor. She says she is looking forward to hearing from new colleagues at Sim about how to better green the company and that she appreciates having the Sim brand behind her as she continues her work to green the industry.

“I got a little tired of trying to change the world from my kitchen table,” Clara laughs. “Sim has always been a leader in sustainability, and it feels good to have the company and the Sim brand behind me.”