#SimPurpose: A Dinner in Honor of Sustainability

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In February 2020, Kelly Graham-Scherer, Sim’s VP of Business Development for US Production, organized a large dinner party for more than 50 of Hollywood’s top TV executives.

“It was my first time planning something on that scale on the company’s behalf and I was instructed to look at every detail through the lens of environmental sustainability,” she says.

The invitations were printed on seeded, plant-able paper, dinner ingredients were sourced from local and sustainable farmers and there was no beef on the menu. During the pre-dinner speech Kelly talked about how Sim could help clients meet their company’s goals around sustainability.

And notably, rather than send guests home with marketing materials, Sim made a $100-per-head donation to the California Conservancy, an organization that protects the state’s wildlands and sea floor.

“I was so moved by the guests’ reaction to the evening and the donations made on their behalf. The unanimous response was that they didn’t need or miss paper materials or gifts that are ultimately disposable and forgettable.” Kelly says.

“Instead they appreciated the opportunity to feel good about being a part of positive change. Everyone is concerned about the environment, but not everyone is able to actively work towards a solution. In this case, Sim did a bit of the work for them and they ultimately really appreciated the gift of having made a difference”.

Kelly says dozens of guests followed up with her after the event with positive comments.

“Sim’s dinner and company presentation was one of the strongest and clearest that I have ever attended,” one of the attendees wrote her afterwards. “I was impressed with your commitment to our environment and felt that you elevated what is often just a sales presentation”.

In addition to the Nature Conservancy of California, Sim also provides financial contributions to the LA Waterkeeper Foundation and the Pacific Parklands Foundation.