Sim Team Gets Canada’s Drag Race Across the Finish Line

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When it came time to get Canada’s Drag Race across the finish line this spring, not even a global pandemic could slow the Sim team down. And Finishing Producer Cailyn Webster and On-Line Colourist Steve Jones have won high praise for their performance helping deliver the inaugural Canadian season of RuPaul’s global sensation.

“You made us all look better and you did it in the middle of a pandemic, “says the show’s director Shelagh O’Brien. “Take a huge bow on delivering this beautiful series.”

Cailyn says Canada’s Drag Race, which started postproduction in April, was the first show to be completed in its entirety during the era of Coronavirus and that presented a number of challenges.

“Luckily, the show was already in the capable hands of showrunner Mike Bickerton and the show’s Post Producer Angie Pajek,” explains Cailyn.

“The challenge for Sim was to meet their bar and quickly design a remote workflow in a climate where all reviews were remote.”

“Although sessions are normally face-to-face and we were forced to work over Zoom, it didn’t take long to get a good flow going and find a good synergy”.

The show, recently named Unscripted Series of the Year by Playback, streams in Canada on Crave. It has a huge following and its success – along with the kudos from its director – has helped Cailyn and the rest of the Sim team feel confident in their ability to tackle whatever comes their way.

“It was definitely a marathon, but it all turned out great,” says Cailyn.

“It’s a very exciting show – creative and fun. We were thrilled to be a part of it.”