Sim Support Lauded as Wytch Craft Hits the Festival Circuit

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Polly Pierce is hitting her stride as a filmmaker, and friends and former colleagues at Sim are behind her all the way. 

Polly wrote, produced and directed the short film Wytch Craft, which has so far been officially selected to screen at the Montreal Independent Film Festival, the La Cruces International Film Festival and Toronto International Women Film Festival. A supernatural dark comedy about a woman who puts a curse on her alltoo-perfect co-worker, the film was also a catalyst for Polly to secure representation with Characters Talent Agency in Toronto, as a Director/ Writer and Cinematographer. 

“I’m genuinely surprised that it’s been so well received so far,” says Polly of the film, which completed shooting right before lockdown in March and finished post in August. “I set out to make a film that I would want to see, and to see it resonate with others is really something.” 

Sim Vancouver donated camera, grip and lighting gear for the Wytch Craft shoot and Polly says the company’s support has made all the difference in her career. 

Sim, particularly Steve Demeter at Sim Vancouverhas always been a big supporter of me and my aspirations to DP and to direct,” she explains. “I’m so grateful that even in such a busy film town, Sim has supported my projects and my potential.” 

Polly, who earned a BFA in Film and Television Production in Queensland, Australia in 2005, emigrated to Vancouver in 2012. She worked as a camera prep tech at Sim from 2013-2014, a position she credits with helping her attain her permanent residency.  

Polly says she that she expects to screen Wytch Craft at several more festivals in 2021 and that she is looking forward to a bright future in the industry. 

I have a few projects that I’m developing right now, from a TV series set in British Columbia, to a feature documentary to a feature film, as well as some other opportunities,” she says. 

Without Sim’s generous support and donation of camera, grip and lighting gearI know that I wouldn’t have received the opportunities or attention that I’m now seeing.  

I will always be grateful to Sim and look forward to furthering my relationship with them.”