Sim NYC Delivers Client Gifts with an Impact

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When the holiday season rolled around last year, Sim’s David Feldman knew he wanted to take a different approach to gifts for his post-production clients.

Sim’s NYC-based SVP of Features and TV says he felt like bottles of wine and fancy gift baskets had little impact on the people who received them as standard issue from a host of companies.

“You’re never going to win the race to deliver the biggest or the best gift basket,” David explains. “I just felt like it was time for Sim to try something new and to differentiate itself.”

David considered how Sim Post New York might best impact the local community in which it operates and set his sites on the nearby Bowery Mission, where staff was tasked with helping its clientele get through the upcoming cold winter.

After doing some research, he found a nearby family-owned company – Northeast Fleece – that manufactured high-quality blankets and offered a discount for charitable endeavors. After crunching some numbers, Sim Post New York was ultimately able to purchase 600 blankets to donate.

“I first had to call the Mission to see if they were capable of receiving that many blankets,” says David. “The mission’s reaction was ‘Holy cow, are you kidding? YES!’”

A Sim van was loaded up and the blankets were delivered to the mission on December 18th, 2019. Clients received an electronic card from the team which announced that the donation had been made in their name, and noted Sim’s commitment to sustainability and the social, environmental and economic health of the communities in which it operates.

“At first, there was some concern internally around not sending our clients gifts,” David admits. “But ultimately we agreed this would have a much bigger impact, while being a great way to represent Sim and help the community.”

This year Sim will continue the tradition and make charitable donations in lieu of gifts to the following charities in the cities where it operates: