Sim Internships Promote Learning for All

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For Sim’s VP of Camera Ken Anderson, partnering with the British Columbia Institute of Technology is a win-win. 

Not only has Sim’s internship program with BCIT provided Ken with about one third of his full-time warehouse staff, it has also given him a window into the creativity and passion that drives the next generation of filmmakers. 

It’s just so cool to see such a diverse group of students and to hear about their different goals,” says Ken, who sits on BCIT’s Program Advisory Councilwhich consults on which skills students need to succeed in the film and television industry. 

Part of the reason I’m so involved is that it helps me identify future, quality employees, but also, I get exposed to so much creativity and motivation; it’s amazing to be a part of that.” 

Each year Sim accepts at total of four BCIT students for two internship programs that each run 4-5 weeks in February March, and MarchApril. While Covid-19 has scuttled programs in 2020 and 2021, Ken says he is optimistic the internships will resume in spring 2022. 

Over the last few years Ken says he has hired approximately 10 graduates for full-time positions at Sim, including Thiago Scalon who completed his internship with Sim in April 2018 and was hired in the camera warehouse in February 2019. Nearly two yeas later, Thiago has worked his way up to a Camera Prep Tech III. 

I’ve met a lot of great people and excellent professionals. I’ve also made good friends and had laughs daily,” says Thiago of his current job at Sim, where, he adds, he learns new things every day from fellow employees and from clients.  

The Sim internship really reinforced my interests in camera and film productionI would advise any BCIT student who has a real interestnot only in the technical aspectsbut in all the work related to the camera department in the film industryto apply.”  

Ken says he is looking for interns that are willing to learn, to set goals and to pull their weight. 

“We can always teach the technical stuff,” he says. “But I’m looking for the things you can’t teach, like drive and work ethic.” 

And in turn, Ken says each and every intern that comes through the Sim program has something to teach him. 

“For the students and for me, every different person you come in contact with helps you understand how all the pieces come together to produce what you see on the screen,” he explains. 

“When I see so many different students with different perspectives, it gives me insight into how clients and filmmakers might be thinking and ultimately how Sim can best deliver what they need to realize their vision.”