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Thanks to the nimble and creative talent at Sim, 122 million people — 85.1 million on television and 35.5 million livestream viewed, in real time, the 2020 US Democratic National Convention (DNC) that was presented remotely for the first time in history. Sim is proud to share details about how it provided a bespoke, remote workflow to support this extraordinary achievement.

For millions of Americans, up-to-the-minute access to information helps them understand a rapidly changing world and with the historical Presidential election approaching, the ability to have secure media delivered in a timely fashion is especially crucial. Producing the DNC within a pandemic required both high security and safety procedures. Sim has been working remotely since March, perfecting complex workflow processes and media management systems. This proven track record of success ensured that the technical and creative DNC team was confident in Sim’s ability to deliver, capitalizing on its past success presenting high-profile live event shows.

Transforming the DNC into a national multi-media event that connected multiple locations across the US had its challenges. To meet those needs, Sim’s main Los Angeles facility was converted into a national remote producer production center performing essential tasks, including:

  • Securing network access to remotely connect up to 100 locations across the US
  • Adding additional backup power to protect against the possibility of rolling blackouts
  • Managing pre-produced digital files and preparing them for air
  • Setting up 15 remote editorial stations and dedicated portals for media submissions
  • Becoming the broadcast center for the DNC, the edit facility, and the ultimate show organizer
  • Syncing, organizing and reviewing producer material
  • Directing offline creative performances and online post production file finishing
  • Exporting over 300 files, and capturing live feeds

Ricky Kirshner, executive producer of the DNC show, offered high praise for the Sim team. “Sim’s creative editorial and technical engineering staff were with us every step of the way. Even though much of our work together was remote, it really felt like we were sitting in the same room.”

For Bill DeRonde, President of Post Production Services at Sim, the experience has been a career highlight. “I’ve been working in the television and film industry my entire career, but this experience is a first. I never imagined that I would be helping create a virtual major political convention. It has been exciting to witness our team constantly adapt to the changing needs as they helped shape this uniquely historic event. It was truly an honor.”