Sim Helps Put Green Energy on the Map

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When it comes to clean energy, the BC Film Industry has success all mapped out.

Thanks to the efforts of Creative BC’s Reel Green Committee, film crews now have an on-line map that shows locations across Vancouver where they can tie into an existing power grid, reducing the need for film shoots to rely on diesel-powered generators.

“The map is so tactile and easy to use,” enthuses committee chair Katharine Pavoni, who is the Interim Manager of Industry and Community Affairs at Creative BC.

“What’s so cool is that it is user-generated; and it was a fully collaborative effort thanks to the energy and passion of the Clean Energy committee members including stakeholders like Sim.”

The map was launched last fall and currently identifies approximately 17 locations across Vancouver where film crews can tie into clean energy power sources. Crews can log on to view the logistics and contact information associated with each tie-in.

Reel Green Committee members and crew on the ground are working continuously to identify and map additional energy tie-ins across the city and throughout the lower mainland. Vancouver is also expected to launch three stand-alone power kiosks at some of its most-used filming locations. Katharine says the kiosks were championed by Geoff Teoli, the City of Vancouver’s Senior Manager of Film and Special Events and they will be located in areas where the data has demonstrated that generators are frequently used.

“Part of our mapping project also involves collecting generator parking data as well,” she explains. “We ask crews to report information via the mapping system wherever they are using a generator and that allows us to assess which areas would benefit most from clean energy sources”.

Sim’s VP Studios and Sustainable Production Services Clara George and Director of Sustainability Randi Kruse both sit on the Reel Green Committee and Katharine credits them with coming up with the idea to put stickers with QVR codes and the slogan “Have you Mapped Me?” on generators.

“Sim’s innovation and collaboration has been much appreciated,” she says, adding that the BC film industry has embraced the mapping program and the push towards clean energy.

Katharine says she hopes this resource demonstrates to clients who are concerned about shooting in a more sustainable manner that BC is also committed, and that our film crews’ embrace of clean energy will set an example for other jurisdictions across Canada and around the world.

“BC is really leading the way on this,” she says. “The response from the beginning was amazing: everyone maintained that this is the future, and they want to plug into it.”