Sim Expands its Zero-emissions Energy Technology

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Sim, a leading Production and Post Production services company, is on a mission to transform film production. Today, it is proudly announcing the expansion of its zero-emissions energy technology, the Urban Power Source, the largest mobile clean power supply available in North America. After one year of success with the major Hollywood studios, the two new Urban Power Source units will significantly reduce diesel consumption on film production sets for years to come.  

The Urban Power Source seamlessly integrates onto production sets to replace diesel generators, reducing total greenhouse gas emissions, improving on-set air quality, and eliminating the risk of fuel spills in sensitive community and park environments. It is estimated that, in Vancouver alone, the film industry burns approximately 6 million litres of diesel fuel each year in traditional generators. That’s about to become history, as Sim continues to introduce cutting edge clean energy solutions to help achieve the sustainability goals of its clients.  

Over the past year, the Urban Power Source prototype unit was successfully used on the entire first season of shooting for Universal Studios’ Resident Alien, and on Big Sky produced by 20thTelevision in association with A+E Studios. WarnerBros. also used the Urban Power Source on the entire second season of Batwoman. All major Hollywood studios have sustainability plans and reducing dependence on fossil fuels is a major focus area. The Urban Power Source units are ideal for times when small, continuous load is needed while maintaining power surge capability. It has been successfully applied to power catering and work trucks, to rig stunt winches and interior sets, and more. After just 14 days on set, approximately 9,976 KG of carbon emissions are eliminated.  

Sustainable film production is on the rise everywhere, and especially in Vancouver. Recently, the City of Vancouver passed a motion which offers a 50% discount on film permits to productions that displace a diesel generator with clean power. More cities are poised to follow. Jeff Ramsay, the Senior Vice President of Production Services at Sim, is widely recognized as a champion of clean energy. “Sim will continue to invest in technologies that reduce carbon emissions,” says Ramsay. “The demand for more Urban Power Source units has been tremendous, and I’m thrilled that Sim has doubled the fleet in our Vancouver location.”  

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