Sim Expands Full Service Production Offering to Commercial Clients


In addition to our long list of television series and features, Sim has been expanding into commercials as well. Over the past few years Sim Post Toronto has seen massive growth in this media segment providing offline, online, colour and audio services. Adding production to the mix seemed like a natural step due to Sim’s robust camera, lighting + grip and dailies services.

Sim recently implemented full scope production on two commercials shot for the ASUS and Magnum brands, taking both projects from initial storyboard concept right through to finish. Working alongside agencies Mass Minority (ASUS) and Tempo/Corus (Magnum), our Sim Toronto teams came together, from camera, lighting + grip, dailies, to post picture (edit, color correction, motion graphics/VFX and online) and even post audio for ASUS, to produce the spots, from concept to fruition. Having full control of the shoot enabled our team to further develop the initial creative without compromising the budget.


“Our roles have expanded with this new production workflow – we’re deeply involved in the creative and technical process; overseeing every aspect of the project. This level of involvement really shows in the final product. The client also appreciates the one-stop-shop nature of the process. Since we aren’t at the mercy of outside resources, we create a tighter, more efficient team.” – Marcus Valentin, Partner + Senior Editor/Executive Producer, Sim

From the creative side on the ASUS project, Sim was involved from the very beginning.  Our team worked with the agency creatives to conceptualize the initial 3D storyboards and pre-viz animatics which later became the shooting boards.  We expanded on the initial concept and both designed and executed all the motion graphics and VFX compositing for the spot. In the case of both ASUS and Magnum, Sim also provided the VFX supervision, and advised both clients on the best production gear needed to maximize efficiencies and implement their vision.

“They’re coming to us with ideas on a piece of paper and we take that concept all the way to the screen. Having full access to the latest and greatest production gear is what sets us apart.”  – Marcus Valentin, Partner + Senior Editor/Executive Producer, Sim

“The ASUS gig was great! Having production and post as a unified team made the challenges seem effortless.” -Mark Mainguy, Director

Sim is looking forward more projects in the coming months. We have a healthy stable of freelance directors to choose from and are ready to take on our next gig! 

Click here to view the ASUS and Magnum commercial spots!