Sim Encourages Everyone to Focus on Mental Health

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The pandemic has made 2020 an exceptionally difficult year for people all over the world. For Sim’s President and CEO Scott Dorsey, that means investing in mental health is even more important.

“There are likely very few of us who can say that we are unaware of family members or friends who are impacted in some way,” he says. “Personally, mental health struggles affect many around me.”

Scott Dorsey has spent 30 years as an investment banker, advising on the buying and selling of companies. He became involved with Sim in 2013 helping to put together the mergers that makes Sim what it is today, and he became the company’s CEO in 2019.

Scott says he is especially pleased to support Sim’s recent company-wide Healthy Minds Challenge which encourages employees to access self care tools and resources because he understands the importance of managing one’s own well being.

“Exercising and time outside at my cottage are my things”, Scott says. When it comes to people around him who may be struggling, Scott says he strives to make himself available. “It’s not easy with all our busy schedules these days, but I try and proactively reach out to ask people how they are doing and even arrange socially distanced get togethers.”

Scott says he hopes the Healthy Minds Challenge inspires everyone at Sim to start new habits that help them stay mentally healthy, whether that be spending time outdoors, meditating, keeping a journal or simply making a point of turning off electronic devices and connecting more closely with friends and family.

“Sim and our employees support so many great causes” he says. “And this is yet another that makes me proud”.

Sim encourages everyone in our network to learn more about mental health and get involved in world mental health day.