Sim and The American Society of Cinematographers Announce Partnership to Cultivate Growth in the Film and Television Industry

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Courtyard at ASC Clubhouse in Hollywood renamed Sim Plaza to recognize the sponsorship

June 2, 2018 (LOS ANGELES): Today, Sim announced a major 30-year sponsorship with the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) with increased programming and resources to support this vibrant community for the long term. Sim, an end-to-end solution for storytellers in film and television, and the ASC, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art of cinematography, come together with the shared goal of driving visual storytelling forward. As part of the relationship, the ASC Clubhouse courtyard will now be renamed Sim Plaza.

Sim and the ASC have worked together frequently on events that educate industry professionals on current technology and its application to their evolving craft. As part of this sponsorship, Sim will expand its involvement with the ASC Master Classes, SimLabs, and conferences and seminars in Hollywood and beyond.

“It’s with tremendous pride that we announce Sim’s enhanced partnership with the ASC, based on our common goal of supporting filmmakers across the globe,” said James Haggarty, President and CEO, Sim. “We want to help the community grow by opening new doors and creating new platforms for storytellers. Diversity and inclusiveness are front and center throughout the programs we have planned.”

“It’s a pleasure and an honour for the ASC to celebrate this partnership with Sim,” said Kees van Oostrum, President, ASC. “This sets a landmark example, and validates our role as an educational institution and as a society with a base of knowledge and creativity that represents cinematography in all aspects.”

During an official ceremony, a commemorative plaque was unveiled, embedded into the walkway of what is now Sim Plaza in Hollywood, representative of Sim’s unwavering support for the art and science of cinematography. Sim will also host a celebration of the ASC’s 100th anniversary in 2019 at Sim’s Hollywood location.

The unveiling ceremony today took place moments before the ASC’s annual Summer Splash Party, host to various industry dignitaries and talented filmmakers.

About the American Society of Cinematographers
The American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art of cinematography. Celebrating its centennial in 2019, the association continues its commitment to educating aspiring filmmakers and others about the art and craft of cinematography – a mission established by the founding members in 1919. For additional information about the ASC, visit, or join them on Instagram (@the_asc), follow American Cinematographer Facebook,Twitter (@AmericanCine) and Instagram (@american_cinematographer).