Sim Aims to Break through Barriers with New D&I Program

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Like many of us, Kim Spikes was deeply impacted by last spring’s murder of George Floyd and the massive protests that it fueled. 

There was an immediate responsewhich inspired daily protests advocating for justice and change. It was overwhelming and it had a huge impact on me,” says Kim, who is Sim’s NYC-based SVP of Post Production. 

Inspired by the passion she saw on the streets Kim decided to advocate for positive change in her own community and Sim’s Diversity anInclusion Committee was born. Kim has been the driving force behind the committee, which recently launched Employee Resource Groups and is currently offering an education series. 

“I love the ERGs, how people from different backgrounds, across different cities and positions at Sim are coming together to have genuine conversations,” says Kim. “It’s a true community.” 

Kim started work at Post FactoryNY in 2009 and had worked her way up to partner when the company became part of the Sim group in 2015. She says prior to thatshe worked in fashion, which was 98% womenand also producing VFX for video games, which was extremely male influenced. 

“They were two totally opposite, very extreme environments,” she says. “When I started at Post FactoryNY, where there was such a great balance of men and women and different ethnicities, I felt the difference immediately. 

“It was immensely more creative. I learned something new daily. 

Kim’s all-time favorite work tradition is Friday Breakfasts (aka The Breakfast Club), which started at Post FactoryNY circa 2009, during which people would cook foods from their various cultures. It brought everyone together.  She says she learned how much gender and racial issues impacted the lives of many of her co-workers and also realized there is always more to learn. 

Kim says she has been inspired and encouraged by how her fellow Sim employees have embraced the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and she is confident its success will build a stronger company. 

“We are trying to encourage everyone at Sim to have a voice, to create positive change as well as help our company grow,” Kim says. “More and more people are looking to work atand withcompanies that prioritize diversity.