We’re excited to announce the expansion of our zero-emissions energy technology, the Urban Power Source, the largest mobile clean power supply available in North America. Click here to learn more.


The Urban Power Source (UPS by Sim) is the largest mobile clean energy power available, built specifically for the entertainment industry. It is designed to seamlessly integrate onto production sets. The silent operation allows for nimble and versatile power placement close to camera and other production equipment. It also reduces friction with the public when shooting in residential neighbourhoods because it eliminates noise and diesel exhaust. 


UPS by Sim is ideal for situations with small, continuous load while maintaining power surge capability. It has been successfully used to power catering and work trucks, rigging stunt winches and interior sets, and more. The clean power provides important risk protection and demonstrates your commitment to achieving sustainable production goals. 

Watch our UPS promo video below:


To book a UPS, contact us at: info@siminternational.com



What our partners say

We used the UPS unit on Bat Woman to provide silent intermittent power for rigging stunt winches, and it meant that we could set up right in the action and we didn’t need a fuel truck on site for the entire four days. I highly recommend it. 

Bill Tennant

Generator Operator