Mobile and complete, ready to hit the road.

We pride ourselves on maintaining our equipment is to the highest standard. Sim equipment is continuously upgraded and trailer or tractor mounted. We have a huge range of power supply options to meet your needs and the talent to help you plan a lean, clean energy set. We have a supply large of battery-operated units and we’re the developers of the Urban Power Source, the largest mobile battery power packs available  today, now one year in market and successfully deployed on Universal, Warner Bros. and Disney production sets 

Our diesel generator engines are transitioning to Tier 3 and 4 efficiency ratings to reduce carbon emissions, and all diesel equipment is renewable diesel compatible. Learn more about how we’re using renewable diesel in our vehicle fleet and working with industry leaders to increase access for others. 

Sim vehicles come in every shape and size: transport vans, 1-, 5- and 10- ton trucks, tractors, as well as electric cars. However you need to roll, we’ve got you covered. 

What our partners say

Just Add Magic is a production that moves very quickly on limited “kid time,” and yet we often do a lot of layered inlines and VFX. Sometimes we do a lot more VFX than what might normally be successful on a series schedule. But with the services from Sim, it offered us the right integration between camera, dailies, post and VFX, which helped us score that goal each time.

Mark Doering-Powell, ASC