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We’re excited to announce the following new gear added to our inventory! 



The Lindsey Optics Large Format Optical Viewfinder

The Lindsey Optics Large Format Optical Viewfinder provides optical through the lens viewing for an unprecedented range of formats from Super-35 to Red Monstro and ARRI Alexa 65. The LF Viewfinder features an LPL lens mount and includes an LPL to PL adapter. The Eyepiece provides diopter adjustment from -4 to +4. There are 1/4-20-attachment points at the base of the viewfinder, base of the handle extension and Oak handle base.


Bolt 4K MAX Wireless TX/RX Deluxe Kit from Teradek

A wireless transmitter and receiver set designed to transmit and receive signals up to 5000′ away using the included panel antenna array. This kit allows you to transmit uncompressed 4K60 video with less than 1 ms of delay. The transmitter, receiver, and panel each include a V-mount battery plate. The set also includes power, HDMI, USB, and SDI cables, mounting gear, a tool set, and a hard-shell SKB carry case.

Sony PVM X2400 Monitor

An addition to Sony’s Grade 2 monitor hierarchy, it’s designed to replicate the color space of Grade 1 BVM-series monitors, including the popular Trimaster BVM-HX310 color grading master monitor.

The PVM-X2400 features a UHD 4K display resolution and supports 4K and HD signals via four SDI inputs and an HDMI input. It also allows you to create a quad-view of four HD signals for comparison and other purposes. Each signal can have a different EOTF and different LUT applied. An HDR workflow is supported by a 1000 cd/m² brightness and wide color gamut. A wide range of supported HDR EOTFs include 2.4 (HDR), ITU-R BT.2100 (HLG), SMPTE ST2084, S-Log3, and S-Log3 (Live HDR). Other features include built-in scopes, zoom mode, VPID support, and more.

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