COVID-19 Operations Update

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The health & safety of our employees, clients & partners is our highest priority. We thank you in advance for your cooperation in adhering to the protocols outlined below. We will continue to update this page to reflect the most current guidance from the World Health Organization, and local government health agencies.

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What we’re doing to keep you safe:

  • Limiting access to facilities and monitoring staff, clients and visitors with health and wellness checks prior entering our facilities.
  • Enforcing Physical Distancing
    • Limiting occupants of all rooms, offices, and pathways and restricting access to common areas.
    • Adding Floor markers as a guide in high traffic areas.
    • Adding plexiglass barriers at point of service locations.
  • Ensuring Proper Hand Hygiene
    • Adding hands-free hand sanitizer stations throughout our facilities.
    • No shaking hands – only use non-contact methods of greeting.
    • Adding portable hand washing stations at facility entrances, exit points and common areas.
  • Making use of Personal Protective Equipment
    • Staff and visitors will be required to wear a face mask  and wash their hands at a hand washing station.
    • If visitors do not have their own PPE, they will be provided with a disposable face mask.
    • At this time, we are not requiring the use of gloves at Sim facilities. However, gloves will be available for those who choose to wear them.
    • Visitors may also request protective eye wear and replacement face masks as required.
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
    • Enhanced cleaning in high traffic areas performed throughout the day and evening using EPA-registered disinfectants.  Increased focus will be given to high-touch surfaces such as door handles, counters, lobby areas, elevators and restrooms.
    • Following World Health Organization guidelines for longest suspected survival of the virus on hard surfaces, Sim will quarantine all incoming gear for a 72 hour period where possible or apply electrostatic spray disinfectant or UVC treatment prior to handling of equipment.
    • Additionally, unitized, and containerized equipment will be sealed and dated after testing, in many cases providing additional peace of mind that outgoing equipment hasn’t been touched for some time and is virus free. 

What to expect when visiting our facilities:

  • Sim Wellness Checkpoints
    • Mandatory Sign-in / Health Declaration Questionnaire
      • All visitors must sign in at the facility access point and wear a visible sticker showing that they have been authorized to enter a specific area of the facility for a specific date. Visitors will also be required to complete a Health Declaration / Questionnaire, administered by Sim Staff and will be kept strictly confidential.
  • Controlled Access
    • Movement within Sim facilities is restricted to authorized visitors who must remain in the areas required to perform the function of their visit.  Where possible, arrows will designate direction for traffic flow. Where applicable, access to stairs is available at all Sim facilities as an alternative to elevators. Most Sim facilities are stand-alone with private entry points.

Doing Business with us:

Production Services: Rentals 

  • Placing an Order
    • Clients are encouraged to place orders in advance. This will allow for gear to be pulled and staged prior to customer pickup.
  • Crew Member Limits
    • All crew members accessing Sim facilities to prep equipment for a show must be pre-approved by a Production Team member from the project and a Sim Rental Agent/ CSR.
  • Until further notice all hair, make-up and wardrobe tests and other large camera and lighting & grip tests will not be permitted within Sim facilities.
  • Outgoing / Incoming Gear
    • Contracted rental gear will be staged and sequestered for client inspection. Sim will sanitize all incoming equipment from rental clients using specialized processes.
  • Curbside Pickup/ Drop Off
    • Sim will support “curbside” transactions, allowing client drivers to remain in their vehicles while Sim staff offload / load gear and present contract at vehicle window, with the possibility of digital signing in the near future.
    • For our camera operations, we will also continue to support our grab & go / drop & go lockers, that allow secure and no-contact access for pickups and returns, even after hours.
  • Toronto / Vancouver Lighting + Grip now support contactless, curbside pickup. Curbside transactions must be pre-scheduled. Any unscheduled transactions will be supported if capacity allows.
    • Clients reporting for a curbside transaction will need to provide the following information when they call the curbside number:
      • Production/ Show
      • Unit (ie Main LX, Rigging Grip) if applicable
      • Pickup/ Return / Both
      • Any additional detail they may have about their visit
      • Bay door # if already parked (they may be redirected to a different bay)
    • To check in for a curbside transaction, please call:
      • Toronto L+G: 416.462.2498
      • Vancouver L+G: 236.521.2199

Sim Studios

  • Production companies are responsible for ensuring that all work within Sim studios adheres to local health, government, union and relevant task force safety guidelines, as well as the guidelines put forth by their parent studios.  
  • The production is to be responsible for enforcing their own protocols among their crew as well as any specific protocols set forth by Sim for the use of a facility. These will evolve to meet regulatory requirements.  
  • Studio Visits
    • All visits to Studios or Production Offices by Sim employees or Sim-assigned third-party vendors and landlords are to be confirmed with the production office to ensure that appropriate protocols are in place and that the timing is approved.  
  • External Vendors
    • The Sim Studio team will continue to liaise closely with representatives from our facilities (owner or property management) as well as key vendors (HVAC, janitorial and other building service providers etc.) to keep up to date on any information that may affect the services or conditions of the facility. Sim will ensure that any external vendors are prepared with the PPE required by the Production. 
  • Facility Tours
    • Where possible, Sim will engage clientele in a virtual fashion rather than an onsite visit.  
    • All Studio facility tours are to be pre-booked and documented. Sim will gather contact information on all attendees and ensure that PPE use has been discussed.   
    • Where possible, in-person meetings and walkthroughs at studios will be limited. If an in-person meeting is necessary, it will include no more than (2) studio representatives and (2) client representatives, keeping safe physical distancing. At Sim’s discretion, additional participants may be included with advanced notice and discussion.  
    • Clients are required to wear a mask during facility tours. If they are unable to provide their own, Sim will supply disposable masks for these visits. 
    • Clients are responsible for the safe disposal of any provided PPE.  
    • A Sim representative will ensure that there is a planned pathway for tours, and that it is open from encumbrances before client arrival.   
    • Sim will limit areas of tour if physical distancing is not possible due to space restriction and number of participants.
  • Sim Staff Visits
    • Where possible, Sim will engage clients in a virtual fashion rather than an onsite visit. 
    • Sim will communicate all production-specific safety policies and protocols to visiting Sim employees.  Sim employees will conform to all production requirements. 
    • All Sim Staff visits to facilities are to be pre-booked and documented, with the necessary production-specific PPE provided.
  • Wrap Out
    • Per existing license agreements, clients will be responsible for turning over facilities to Sim in a clean state.
    • Sim will request the specifics of those cleaning services and at their discretion may choose to contract additional cleaning services at no cost to production.  

Post Production: Client Services 

  • Each room will have a maximum occupancy number. If more than one person is in a room, masks must be worn. As an additional measure, our kitchen and dining areas will be closed until further notice.
  • Sim will continue to allow the flexibility for remote session supervision; addressed on a project by project basis.
  • Outgoing / Incoming Hardware/Stock
    • Sim will sanitize all incoming and outgoing hardware, stock or other job related items using specialized processes.
  • Client Food Services
    • Client food services will continue with stricter guidelines. Food will be distributed with original packaging from delivery services and not plated. Shared food items will not be allowed.


  • All third party deliveries to Sim facilities must be either no-contact (drop and go) or must comply with physical distancing recommendations. Deliveries must all go to designated delivery drop off areas (i.e. loading bays where possible) in compliance with posted signage.
  • For FEDEX / courier deliveries, drivers will be allowed access to loading bay areas only for contactless drop off and pick up.