Conjuring Color for “Just Add Magic”: Working Together to Create Looks for Amazon’s Hit Show

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Establishing and maintaining the look and feel of a show from pre-production through finishing is often a daunting feat for directors of photography on Hollywood schedules and budgets. The creatives and technicians behind Amazon’s “Just Add Magic” came together to discuss how the open collaboration and technical expertise offered by Sim and the Panasonic VariCam team helped create a system of color accuracy and advocacy that served the creative intent through the entire workflow. On Wednesday, September 27, Sim hosted over 100 people at our Hollywood location to hear from this team. The first part of the evening was a demo of the Varicam, from Panasonic, followed by dinner. Jesse Korosi, Director of Workflow Services, then gave a presentation to set the context of the conversation. His intent was to communicate why a production team needs to take color flow as seriously as file and data flow; introduce the problems that occur with compatability in other options; and demonstrate how the team color locked on “Just Add Magic.” The panel followed with the creative and technical team, including cinematographer Mark Doering Powell, ASC, Andrew Oliver, Camera Utility, Payton List, Sim Workflow Producer, Andy Lichtstein, Sim Colorist, Michael Bravin, Sim Camera Engineering Supervisor, Laurence Nunn, Cinema Development Manager, Varicam and moderated by Kylee Pena, Sim Workflow Supervisor. The evening afforded the attendees several opportunities to mingle and network, in true SIM Lab style.