At Sim, we use our creative and technical talent to advance meaningful solutions for the entertainment industry.


Sim brings over 40 years of experience helping filmmakers bring their projects to life. In the beginning, we just wanted to help make movies. We loved being part of the creative process, providing niche expertise in camera, lighting, grip and power equipment rental as well as creative editorial services. We were passionate about lifting stories from script to screen, driven to become the most trusted production partner in the industry.

That’s still true. But we’ve also grown – in our size and ambition, and that ambition is what makes us unique. It’s not enough to be the best in the industry anymore. Now we use our business as a force for good in our communities. 

We’re in business for the long term, and we invest in the communities where we work, in our staff and industry partners. For us, sustainability is about doing business better today so that we can continue doing what we love tomorrow. We’re taking a collaborative, science-based approach to our work. Rather than guessing about where to begin, we use international standards and the best available research to inform our priorities in close coordination with our clients.  We actively pursue and promote social, environmental and economic health.

We’re a proud supporter of the Creative Industries Pact for Sustainable Action. Our strategic approach enables us to effectively partner across the film industry. This commitment includes a continuous and comprehensive review of our own business procedures to reduce our overall environmental impact and increase social equality metrics.

At Sim, we seek to attract new team members from a diverse pool of creative and technical talent and that’s a key driver behind Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee. With representatives from across Sim’s divisions and locations, the Committee focuses on promoting education and exploring ways in which we can engage and partner with underserved communities.  


  • Sim actively supports organizations committed to advancing women’s rights, physical and mental health, (Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, and B.C. Women’s Hospital, Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital Foundation, Los Angeles Downtown Women’s Center, New York Women’s Foundation, and Atlanta Women’s Foundation). We demonstrate our commitment to gender equality by hiring and promoting women to high profile positions in the company.
  • Sim provides 17,000 meals annually for those in need through local food banks in all of the cities in which we operate
  • We protect the human rights of all people associated with Sim through policies that prevent discrimination and advance diversity. 
  • We believe passionately that a diverse and inclusive company makes for a more innovative, creative and engaged team.  A Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been formed and is working hard to deliver this vision.


  • Sim plants 2550 trees annually to assist with reforestation efforts in North American forests through Tree Canada and One Tree Planted.
  • Sim participates in progressive industry committees, such as Reel Green, the Catalyst for Business Coalition, the Ontario Green Screen, and others, many of which involve policy recommendations that advance sustainability, such as expanding grid tie-ins (power drops) in the cities where we operate.
  • Sim also provides financial contributions to the Nature Conservancy of California, the LA Waterkeeper Foundation and the Pacific Parklands Foundation.
  • Sim has sponsored industry-wide training in climate change solutions to advance the adoption of sustainable production solutions.
  • We have initiated a voluntary carbon accounting system to track and reduce our carbon emissions.
  • We have eliminated single use plastic water bottles at all Sim locations.
  • We have multi-stream waste reduction and recycling systems at all Sim locations.
  • Our camera departments in Toronto and Vancouver have introduced electric vehicles to their fleet for transporting gear.
  • We are eliminating paper from our operations and adopting a digital record systems


  • We are reviewing our procurement contracts to ensure our partners are aligned with our social, environmental and ethical standards.
  • Sim invests in renewable energy technologies like our UPS units, and we are committed to increasing the efficiency of our operations through the tracking and reporting of our carbon footprint. We want to grow the technology through reinvestment, expanding their capacity.
  • We donate or resell equipment and material (cable, lighting, cameras) that is no longer needed but is still functional to schools.


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