In 2018, Sim launched a company-wide Green Initiative with a mission “to grow our business while providing the best products & services that enable sustainable practices in the motion picture industry.”


Acting on the basis of the Sim Sustainability Goals detailed below, which set environmental targets for fiscal 2030, we’re committed to reducing impacts in our operations, and solidifying best practices consistently across our divisions and offices.

We know strategy is important. In 2018, we undertook a sustainability strategy development process that involved: executive engagement, employee outreach, benchmarking and an internal policy review. In developing our strategy, we also took a comprehensive look at current business practices to both explore and amplify opportunities that reduce environmental impact.


Key focus areas include:

  • Reducing emissions
  • Reducing the amount of materials used while also acquiring environmentally-friendly materials
  • Reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • Ensuring environmental compliance with local laws and regulations


Sim Green in Action:

  • We have expanded our rental portfolio to include emission-free battery power stations to offer clients clean and quiet power solutions.
  • We are executing a shift to a digital, paperless office environment facilitated by efficient, electronic database systems and cloud storage.
  • Sustainability considerations are being integrated into our purchasing, inventory and shipping processes.


Sim sustainability goals at a glance:


  • Establish education and training opportunities for employees to learn more about sustainable practices.
  • Contribute on an ongoing basis to local community initiatives and efforts with the objective of developing goodwill in the communities in which Sim operates.



  • Reduce fuel consumption in the Sim fleet by no less than 20% by 2023 relative to Sim baseline, with further annual reductions.
  • Reduce with a target of eliminating all non-sustainable products and materials
  • Achieve a waste diversion rate of 80%.
  • For Sim managed facilities, audit existing wastewater discharge processes and work with partners moving forward in establishing appropriate wastewater discharge management procedures.
  • Identify charitable organizations which support biodiversity enhancement.
  • Track and report Sim’s compliance with national, regional and local environmental laws and regulations in all jurisdictions of operations.



  • Align Sim’s environmental objectives with its client needs and practices.
  • Review procurement practices to enable and inspire measurable change within Sim’s vendor supply chain.