Sustainability at Sim:

At Sim, we aspire to grow our business while providing the best products and services that enable sustainable practices in the motion picture industry.  Sim is a proud supporter of the Creative Industries Pact for Sustainable Action.

Our collaborative, strategic approach to sustainability enables us to effectively partner across the film industry, accelerating the adoption of low-carbon economy practices. It includes a continuous and comprehensive review of our own business procedures to help us implement solutions that reduce environmental impact and increase social equality metrics. Our technological solutions to manage content, distribution, asset management and quality control achieve efficiencies and also lower the carbon footprint of productions.

Key focus areas include:

  • Reducing emissions in our own operations, and enabling our clients to reduce emissions
  • Reducing the amount of materials used to operate our business, and diverting waste from the landfill
  • Selecting business partners whose values align with our sustainability goals
  • Protecting biodiversity through creative partnerships across the communities where we operate
  • Ensuring environmental compliance with local laws and regulations

Sim Green in Action:

  • Commitment to innovation in power: we have extensive experience working collaboratively with our clients to achieve both their creative needs and sustainability targets, with a strong focus on innovative technologies and practices.
  • We have expanded our rental portfolio to include emission-free battery power stations to offer clients clean and quiet power solutions
  • We offer North America’s only UPS units
  • We consult with productions to ensure that sets reduce the need for diesel generators
  • Commitment to continuous learning: we are sponsoring Reel Green Carbon Literacy training for all staff and industry partners We are executing a shift to a digital, paperless office environment facilitated by efficient, electronic database systems and cloud storage.
  • Commitment to supporting client achievement of sustainability goals: we can share real-time quantitative metrics and feedback about production results, and meaningful connections to the community that’s benefiting from sustainable production efforts.

Success story spotlight:

Production partners with shared sustainability goals can expedite progress towards lower carbon emission practices, elevating the entire industry’s positive impact. We believe that many sustainable production solutions already exist, and we celebrate all achievements to help others learn from our successes. We are also happy to showcase the good work of our clients through stories in industry publications, mainstream print media, social media, and more.

We are especially proud of our role in Magicians