At Sim, we use our creative and technical talent to continuously advance meaningful solutions for the entertainment industry.

We bring a big picture, long term view to the ways in which we grow our business. We know what matters most are the places we call home and the people we love. We believe that our business can be a force for good. We embed the principles of purposeful leadership, treating profit as an outcome rather than the goal.

Our Core Values:

We develop people and teamwork
We embrace innovation and creative thinking
We are accountable and trustworthy
We are community-oriented

Our Story:

We’re built on the drive, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of a group of founders, many of whom continue to thrive and lead at Sim to this day:

In 1982, Rob and Peggy Sim co-founded Sim Video with the intention of providing film and broadcast producers with the latest in video equipment rentals. Rob’s pioneering leadership helped propel the company forward to become the first rental house in Canada to offer High Definition cameras and production equipment. Rob Sim has been instrumental in driving the Canadian film and television industry forward and continues to advise the Company to this day.

In 2004, Chris Parker, Manny Rego & Wayne Jennings co-founded Bling, providing on set video assist and data management as a service and paved the way for how file-based workflow would operate on set. After successfully introducing a dailies division to the commercial market, Bling partnered with Rob Sim in 2011, becoming the first to join the Sim family.

Doug Dales founded PS Production Services Ltd. in 1972, starting out with a small lighting and grip equipment package which he rented out from an old roll-top delivery truck. In 1986, Dales helped to develop Cinevillage in Toronto, now known as the Studio District. PS joined Sim in May 2013 and is now led by Eleanor O’Connor as the President of Production Services based in Vancouver. As a highly respected industry leader, Eleanor is a champion of sustainable film production, driving purposeful growth and advancing innovation in production technologies.

Founded in 1996 by Bill DeRonde, Chainsaw provided creative editorial, editorial finishing, color grading, visual effects through fully-integrated, digital facilities in Hollywood. Chainsaw joined Sim in 2014 with Bill at the helm to this day, serving as the President of Post Production Services in LA. Passionate about helping both staff and clients realize their full potential, Bill leads with his heart and continues to advance creative excellence across all Sim post-production locations.

Pixel Underground was founded by Marc Bachli and Marcus Valentin in 2009 and quickly developed into one of Toronto’s premiere post facilities providing offline, color grading, online finishing, VFX and motion graphics to long-form and commercial clients. Before joining Sim in 2014, Marc and Marcus blended years of production and post experience into building a hip boutique environment with creative support from lens to screen and both continue to thrive as senior leaders within Sim Post in Toronto to this day.

Tattersall Sound & Picture was founded in 2003 by Jane Tattersall as a sound editing company. When Peter Gibson, David McCallum and Lou Solakofski joined as working partners the following year, they expanded into offline and mixing. Over the years, the company continued to thrive, ultimately joining Sim in April 2015. Today, Jane continues to lead the Post Production Division in Toronto as Senior Vice President of Post.

Kim Spikes joined Post Factory NY in 2009, just a few years after it was founded with the dream of creating a new kind of flexible and inclusive post-production company to serve New York’s indie film community. Kim has been a fierce advocate for diversity in the film industry, helping to advance numerous social purpose initiatives. Post Factory NY joined Sim in 2015, and is currently led by Kim as the Vice President of Post Production in New York.

The Crossing Studios was founded by Dian Cross-Massey in 2015 and quickly grew to become the second-largest studio facility in BC’s lower mainland and home to some of North America’s top-rated television series, specials and feature films. In 2017, The Crossing Studios joined the Sim family and expanded their studio footprint to 11 studios and production offices totaling 545,000 square feet. The Studio division continues to grow under the careful guidance of Dawn Williamson and Craig Kelpin.

In the beginning we just wanted to help make movies. We loved being part of the creative process, providing niche expertise in camera, lighting, grip and power equipment rental as well as creative editorial services. We were passionate about lifting stories from script to screen, driven to become the most trusted production partner in the industry.

That’s still true. But we’ve also grown – in our size and ambition, and that ambition is what makes us unique. It’s not enough to be the best in the industry anymore. Now we use our business as a force for good in our communities.