Rental Coordinator


Position Summary

The Rental Coordinator will coordinate the movement of all rental equipment and sales in order to maximize utilization, customer satisfaction, staff procedural accuracy and efficiency of deployment while minimizing the effort required in performing the function. This includes coordinating the day-to-day requests by customers as directed by positions like the Customer Service Representative (CSR) and Floor Manager for equipment and services ensuring the accuracy of the request, the reconciliation of returns and the subsequent invoice.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

• Manage work counter activities by maintaining on-going contact with the Floor Manager and/or other co-workers as appropriate to ensure full awareness of any changes to orders and that orders are processed in a timely and accurate manner according to the Procedures Handbook;
• Identify order priority with Floor Manager as appropriate
• Adjust rental orders in RentalWorks. Review orders for comprehensiveness. Identify shortfalls or substitutions to the CSR. Make changes to rental orders as required and according to CSR instruction
• Print pick and return sheets
• Ensure communication with customer is comprehensive and timely
• Be fully aware of contract details and to respond to any queries
• Ensure that all information is appropriately processed and filed for efficient access/shipping
• In conjunction with the CSR, reconcile returned items to appropriate order(s)
• In conjunction with the Floor Manager and/or CSRs, assist in the co-ordination of the delivery activities and assignments involving company drivers
• Ensure assignments are appropriately combined and prioritized for an efficient and expeditious operation, and that notifications and documentation are as comprehensive as possible
• Provide assistance to other areas of Sim Lighting + Grip as required
• Participate in the Company’s on call rotation, as required
• Carry out all other reasonable duties assigned by the company

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

• High School Diploma with 2 years of relevant experience (e.g., Shipping & Receiving, Film Set, Repair, etc.) or equivalent
• Basic knowledge of rental house operations
• Basic technical and operational knowledge of lighting, grip or cable equipment as applicable, and how it connects with other component parts
• Knowledge of production office protocol
• Good oral and written communication
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and high proficiency in database systems
• Strong attention to detail

How to apply

Please submit your resume to