Dailies Technician

Location: Memphis, TN


Position Summary:

 Use technical abilities to color, process, and sync digital footage. Ensures a seamless workflow of media to post through standardized quality control procedures and constant communication with set and post production.


Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

Dailies Processing: 

  • Ensure safe transfer of media sent from set to the lab’s internal storage
  • Set and/or adjust one-light coloring of media based on looks provided from set
  • Process media to dailies specs provided by post
  • Sync all dailies to external audio
  • Verify the correct metadata is provided with dailies
  • Ensure all media is colored and processed to the correct requirements
  • Evaluate quality of master media and alert production and post of any corrupt media
  • Communicate and coordinate with the on-set DMT on the shipping of media and drives between the lab and set
  • Ensure script notes, sounds notes, and lab notes are forwarded along form set to post
  • Trouble shooting problem clips and processing software issues
  • Report dailies activity and daily issues to Dailies Supervisor.

Dailies Screeners:

  • Processing and authoring of DVD screeners and ISOs
  • Burning, duplication, and packaging of DVD screeners
  • Assembly and processing of digital screener reels
  • Upload of digital screeners and ISO to FTP and video file sharing sites
  • Maintenance of hardware and software required for screeners creation
  • Creation and setup of digital screeners for the iPad 


  • Track the incoming and outgoing of shuttle drives at the lab
  • Shipping of DVD screeners to clients
  • Track and report the status of supplies and stock at the lab
  • Answering calls from clients and providing customer support
  • Perform other duties that may be assigned
  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the mission, vision, and values

Clients and Technical Service:

  • Ensure 24/7 technical support
  • Ensure excellent customer service by identifying the needs and wants of clients and responding to their concerns and problems in an effective, timely manner
  • Provide assistance and technical information to clients, potential clients and staff members when required



 Knowledge, Skills, and Experience: 

  • College Diploma from a recognized Audio/Video/Film Production Course
  • Proficiency working with AVID and FCP
  • Work and practical experience in Audio/Video/Film Production Industry
  • Ability to use, learn and implement new software and hardware.


Other Attributes:

  • Decision Making / Problem Solving– Identifies an issue and processes relevant information coming up with possible solutions, selects appropriate responses and implements them
  • Customer Service Focus– Deliberately identifies and creates opportunities to improve every person’s experience with Sim
  • Teamwork– Participates actively in a team to improve the Company’s effectiveness
  • Communication– Communicates in a thorough, clear and timely manner and supports information sharing across the Company
  • Innovation – Develops new ways and adapts existing products or processes to help Sim achieve its Mission and Vision
  • Quality/Attention to Detail Focus– Ensures that standards for self, equipment and services are met to provide excellent service delivery
  • Accountability – Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of work. Can be relies upon to achieve results with little need for oversight
  • Stress Tolerance– Functions in highly stressful, ambiguous or adverse situations


Working Conditions and Physical Effort: 

  • Work is normally performed in a typical interior/office work environment
  • Some physical effort required as everyone on the Sim team is asked from time to time to pitch in and help share the load.
  • Some exposure to physical risk


How to apply:

Please submit a resume and cover letter to HR@siminternational.com