Additions to Camera Inventory

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We’re excited to announce the following new lenses added to our inventory!  For rental inquires, please click here.


Gecko-Cam Genesis G35 Vintage 66 Full Frame Prime Lenses  

Aimed at those looking for a more vintage look, the exclusive German-made Genesis Vintage 66 cinema primes range from 14.5mm to 135mm. With a 46.3mm image circle, the lenses cover up to VistaVision format – from the 8K RED to 35mm full-frame.

G.L. Optics Canon Vintage FD Set (coming soon)

Some of the most advanced lens designs available, the Canon Vintage FD lenses incorporate a floating element design and aspherical glass for sharp images, and close-range correction. Offering 330 degree focus throw and superior sharpness at the wide aperture settings, the OOF highlights and bokeh are extremely pleasing, while offering an outstanding sharpness throughout the frame.

ARRI Signature Prime Lenses

Ranging from 12mm to 280mm, the ARRI Signature Primes offer warm, smooth skin tones, open shadows with crisp blacks and an exceptionally soft bokeh for increased sense of separation.  Soft and delicate flares coupled with unparalleled flexibility, these lenses offer a unique, and timeless look.

ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses

The ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses provide beautiful, consistent and controlled flares, while maintaining contrast. They offer large-format coverage, high speed and smooth, reliable focus.