Our Sim Vancouver Camera + Playback facilities have moved!


You can find us at our new address as of April 1st for Vancouver Playback and April 8th for Vancouver Camera.





ASC Associate Member




Congratulations to Steve Demeter on becoming an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers!


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ASC associate member

We’d like to congratulate our very own Jim Martin on becoming an Associate Member of the American Society of Cinematographers!


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to Sim New York’s Workflow Producer, Stacy Chaet, on being recognized as one of StudioDaily’s 2018 Exceptional Women in Production & Post!


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Effigy Lens System

“The Effigy lends a gorgeous, other-worldly quality, it feels (somehow) simultaneously cool-retro and modern. Thanks for helping give Valley of the Boom a beautiful and unique look!”

~ Matthew Carnahan,
Executive Producer/Director
Valley of the Boom






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Sim Now Offering Hawk V-Lite Anamorphic Lenses

Hawk VLite lenses are known for their premium anamorphic glass. They boast the smallest ‘scope lenses on the market and yet do not sacrifice image quality.

Eight primes available:

  • Hawk V-Lite 28 mm / T2.2
  • Hawk V-Lite 35 mm / T2.2
  • Hawk V-Lite 45 mm / T2.2
  • Hawk V-Lite 55 mm / T2.2
  • Hawk V-Lite 65 mm / T2.2
  • Hawk V-Lite 80 mm / T2.2
  • Hawk V-Lite 110 mm / T3
  • Hawk V-Lite 140 mm / T3.5



Sim Takes Delivery of Clean Energy Power Stations

  • Improved workflow with instant, zero emissions power
  • Improves sustainability in film
  • Currently available from Sim, Vancouver


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Sim is proud to support the ASC and their mission as a Platinum level sponsor. Click to learn more about Sim’s affiliations.

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Sim Data Calculator App Now Available!

For DITs, Acs, DUTs, DPs and anyone in Post

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Sim is proud to have partnered with SAINTS Rescue: Senior Animals in Need Today Society, a grassroots BC-based organization, specializing as an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals.

Sim is committed to making positive contributions in the communities in which we live and work.

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Sim Green Initiative


We’ve launched a company-wide Green Initiative with a mission to reconfigure our carbon footprint. Click to learn more about Sim Green.

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Trusted collaborators with inventory expertise

Award winning partners in post picture and sound